• Rocking Dog Hammer System
  • Pin Clutch Hammer System
  • Twin Hammer System
  • Two Hammer System
  • Jumbo Hammer System
  • Pin-less Hammer Mechanism
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  • Single-hammer action type impact wrenches deliver an excellent torque to weight ratio.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Positive action trigger for speed variation.
  • Available with regular anvil.
  • Recommended for servicing applications in automotive garages and repair centers.

  • Fast tightening and loosening with strong, fast air motor. The well balanced, low vibration impact mechanism and negligible torque reaction ensures low operator fatigue. Light-weight.
  • Designed for heavy industry applications and high speed process lines.
  • Flexible - each tool has a wide torque range to suit many applications.
  • Ideal for truck engine work, and general heavy maintenance.

  • Twin hammer impacts lead to balanced torque.
  • More power per pound than pin clutch system.
  • Easy to operate, low - cost maintenance, high performance.
  • More sensitive to air pressure regulation than any other tools.

  • Two hammer type impact wrenches offer well-balanced fastening & loosening performance with minimal torque reaction this insure longer life of impact clutches.
  • Great flexibility. Each tool has a wide torque range to suit many different applications.
  • Ideal for general industry, automotive repair & body-shop applications.

  • Instant high torque, striking power and stable torque out put.
  • Easy to maintain, with durable and long.
  • An ideal all-round system.

  • One body structure impact mechanism by way of hammer bar and hammer dog.
  • Endurable and heavy-duty impact mechanism.
  • An instant blow of strong torque.
  • Ideal for heavy work.