The PUMA trademark is derived from the CEO's reading of Reader's Digest in 1966, which described: PUMA is the most agile, fast, and powerful animal.

When the company was founded in 1979, the trademark was designed as

Revised in 1986

In 1997, the double boomerang was added to emphasize the continuous improvement and continuous growth of PUMA, which has become our Quality Policy: Better than better!

Amended in 2000: PUMA change to strong and powerful font, and in order to unite employees, manufacturers, and customers, the four letters are linked together with the double boomerang forming a new logo.

2009 is PUMA’s 30th anniversary. After 30 years of improvement, the red triangle is added inside the A letter, indicating our innovative and creative company culture.

Trademark amendments in 2019 On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the company, the company's diversified business philosophy is more manifested: cooperative production and sales, decent management. Motivated team to achieve the company's business vision: Where there is the sunshine, there is