Industrial classificationMain productsIndustrial classificationMain products
08  Manufacture of Food Products and Prepared Animal Feeds 081 Processing and Preserving of Meat
082 Processing and Preserving of Fish, Crustaceans and Molluscs
083 Processing and Preserving of Fruit and Vegetables
084 Edible Vegetable and animal Oils and Fats
085 Dairy Products
086 Grain Husking, Manufacture of Grain Mill Products, Starches and Starch Products
087 Prepared Animal Feeds
089 Other Food Products
21  Manufacture of Rubber Products 210 Rubber Products
09  Manufacture of Beverages 091 Alcoholic Beverages
092 Non-alcoholic Beverages
22  Manufacture of Plastics Products 220 Plastics Products
10  Manufacture of Tobacco Products 100 Tobacco Products 23  Manufacture of Other Non-metallic Mineral Products 231 Glass and Glass Products
232 Refractory Products, Clay Building Materials and Other Porcelain and Ceramic Products
233 Cement and Cement Products
234 Cutting, Shaping and Finishing of Stone
239 Other Non-metallic Mineral Products
11  Manufacture of Textiles 111 Spinning of Yarn
112 Weaving of Textiles
113 Non-woven Fabrics
114 Finishing of Textiles
115 Textile Products
24  Manufacture of Basic Metals 241 Basic Iron and Steel
242 Aluminum
243 Copper
249 Other Basic Metals Not Elsewhere Classified
12  Manufacture of Wearing Apparel and Clothing Accessories 121 Manufacture of Wearing Apparel
122 Manufacture of Clothing Accessories
25  Manufacture of Fabricated Metal Products 251 Cutlery, Metal Hand tools and Die
252 Metal Structure and Architectural Components
253 Metal Containers
254 Metalworking Activities
259 Other Fabricated Metal Products
13  Manufacture of Leather, Fur and Related Products 130 Tanning and Dressing of Leather; Dressing and Dyeing of Fur 26  Manufacture of Electronic Parts and Components 261 Semi-conductors
262 Electronic Passive Devices
263 Bare Printed Circuit Boards
264 Optoelectronic Materials and Components
269 Other Electronic Parts and Components
14  Manufacture of Wood and of Products of Wood and Bamboo 140 Sawmilling and Planing of Wood 27  Manufacture of Computers, Electronic and Optical Products 271 Computers and Peripheral Equipment
272 Communication Equipment
273 Audio and Video Equipment
274 Magnetic and Optical Media
275 Measuring, Navigating, Control Equipment, Watches and Clocks
276 Irradiation and Electromedical Equipment
277 Optical Instruments and Equipment
15  Manufacture of Paper and Paper Products 151 Pulp, Paper and Paperboard
152 Containers of Paper and Paperboard
159 Other Paper Products
28  Manufacture of Electrical Equipment 281 Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Machinery
282 Batteries
283 Wiring and Wiring Devices
284 Lighting Equipment
285 Domestic Appliances
289 Other Electrical Equipment
16  Printing and Reproduction of Recorded Media 161 Printing and Service Activities Related to Printing
162 Reproduction of Recorded Media
29  Manufacture of Machinery and Equipment 291 Metalworking Machinery
292 Other Special-purpose Machinery
293 General-purpose Machinery
17  Manufacture of Petroleum and Coal Products 170 Petroleum and Coal Products 30  Manufacture of Motor Vehicles and Parts 301 Motor Vehicles
302 Bodies (Coachwork) for Motor Vehicle
303 Parts for Motor Vehicles
18  Manufacture of Chemical Material, Fertilizers and Nitrogen Compounds, Plastic and Rubber Materials, Man-made Fibres 181 Manufacture of Chemical Material
182 Petrochemicals Manufacturing
183 Fertilizers and Nitrogen Compounds
184 Plastic and Synthetic Rubber Materials
185 Man-made Fibers
31  Manufacture of Other Transport Equipment and Parts 311 Ships, Boats and Floating Structures
312 Motorcycles and Parts
313 Bicycles and Parts
319 Other Transport Equipment and Parts Not Elsewhere Classified
19  Manufacture of Other Chemical Products 191 Pesticides and Environmental Agents
192 Coatings, Dyes and Pigments
193 Manufacture of Cleaning Preparations and Cosmetics
199 Other Chemical Products Not Elsewhere Classified
32 Manufacture of Furniture 321 Non-metallic Furniture
322 Metallic Furniture
20  Manufacture of Pharmaceuticals and Medicinal Chemical Products 200 Pharmaceuticals and Medicinal Chemical Products 33 Other Manufacturing 331 Sport and Recreational Goods
332 Medical Instruments and Supplies
339 Not Elsewhere Classified