Aviation Technologies Industry It is an aviation and space development industry. The support industries covered by R & D, design, production, and use are all part of the aerospace industry. The aerospace industry covers the aviation industry, military aviation industry, aviation service industry, and aviation sports and leisure industry. Satellite, Rocket telemetry technology development, etc. Body casting, forging and hydraulic landing gear components, manufacturing of structural components, cutting, welding, grinding, etc.
Manufacturing Industry In the production process, compressed air can directly contact most of the products without harming the products. It is used to lift and transport these industrial air compressors and dryers, which are increasing rapidly in the process of industrialization. Including automated production, cleaning and dust removal, spray painting, vacuum packaging, lifting and handling of lifting operations, product metallurgy, cutting and welding, etc.
Vehicle / Motorcycle / Bike Maintenance The air compressor is equipped with an air gun to inflate the tires. The air pressure in the tires can play a cushioning effect. For car air compressors, different air compressors should be selected according to demand. The treatment on the surface of the car or locomotive includes sheet metal deformation, paint falling off the car, locomotive and bicycle installation, disassembly, assembly parts, all need to be driven by compressed air, often with pneumatic wrenches, pneumatic screwdrivers, etc. Including dust removal, surface treatment, disassembly and installation, lifting and lifting, spray painting, tire inflation, road rescue, etc.
Architecture and decoration Regarding the air compressors used in construction, it must have strong power to enable drilling work with pneumatic drills. The underground working environment requires clean air supply and the air compressor needs to deliver oxygen for ventilation. The power of air compressors is also required for concrete transport at construction sites. In addition, most direct air compressors are used for decoration, including decoration, woodworking, painting, etc., often used pneumatic tools, such as nail guns, painting guns, etc. Including drilling, concrete transportation and spraying, disassembly and installation, ventilation system to provide oxygen, blasting, repair and decoration, spray painting, etc.
Food and Beverage Refers to a certain production scale, equivalent power and equipment, and scientific production and management to produce commercialized food and beverages. Including clean dust removal, pneumatic conveying, automated production, product fermentation and brewing, container blowing, product filling and filling, food accelerated cooling, vacuum packaging of products, milk production, etc.
Chemistry and Experiment In experimental research, in order to avoid the possibility of explosion during certain chemical reaction processes, the silent box-type air compressor provides odorless, clean and dry air, which makes the experiment accurate and safe. Many precision instruments also require the action of air compressors. Silent air compressors can provide clean compressed air quality, which will avoid oil pollution and damage to precision instruments and equipment. Including research experiments, control precision instrument drive, product fermentation, PET products, chemical tankers, etc.
Medical / Dental and Aesthetic Medicine Many medical equipment require air compressors. Air compressors can provide clean compressed air quality, including insufficient oxygen, to avoid dirt and debris from instruments and equipment, and to prevent harmful substances from attaching to medicines in production, which affects product quality. Including medical equipment, oxygen supply, laboratory, dental machinery, sterilization equipment, aesthetic medicine industry, etc.
Mining Industry Drilling in deep wells and underground ventilation require air compressors to provide power and clean air to reduce harmful substances in the working environment. In addition to the importance of air quality in underground work, air compressors can provide the stable power required for work to protect the safety of miners at work. Including providing ventilation for the environment, providing oxygen, deep well drilling, safe and environmentally friendly power, and driving of pneumatic equipment and tools, etc.
Pharmaceutical Industry Manufactured into the body via oral or injection methods. When these drugs enter the human body, they can directly interact with enzymes in the body, receptor proteins on the cell surface, or ion channels, and achieve therapeutic effects. For example, the transportation and packaging of drugs, the production of medicinal antibiotics requires clean oxygen, the accelerated drying of products, the production of medicinal tablets, and the transportation of powder materials, etc.
Traffic and Transportation For high-speed railways, trains, MRTs and subways, they often use air compression to control the braking system. Air compressors are often used in subway automation control equipment. Lifting equipment for terminal and freighter handling also requires the assistance of air compressors, etc. Including air brake system, pneumatic door and window driving device, rail track changing device, control of subway and ship automation machinery and equipment, port terminal loading and unloading transportation equipment driving device.
Green Energy, Environmental Protection and Energy In the era of high environmental awareness, compressed air is taken from the atmosphere and returned to the atmosphere. It does not need to be recycled and almost does not cause pollution. Diesel air compressors have a small amount of oil and gas. Even if there is a leak, there is no pollution to the environment. Concerns, the air compressor has no pollution or low pollution. Mostly used in wind, solar, nuclear power plants, petroleum, sewage treatment, water purification and incineration plants, etc. Including wind power, solar energy, nuclear power plants, sewage treatment, water purification and oxidation, petroleum industry, incineration plant, etc.
Leisure and entertainment In terms of recreation, air compressors can be used in amusement parks, fountains, etc. Hotel and hotel equipment also need air compressors to clean and provide clean air conditioning. In daily life, people's sports are diversified, such as basketball, volleyball, football and other inflatable balls. They also need air compressors, including common bicycles, swimming rings, balloons and other supplies Including the driving of amusement park themed amusement facilities, the fountain of the sightseeing park, various inflatable toys, the inflatable of car sports, the oxygen supply of sea diving, etc.
Life and Art / Home DIY For home furniture, sofas, computers and other places where the deep gaps cannot be reached, the direct air compressor compressed air and spray gun can remove these dusts without damaging the surface of the items. Artistic aspects like painting of musical instruments, painting, painting, etc. In order to avoid the inclusion of impurities such as oil stains in the air and water generated by compressed air, which will cause poor painting, direct air compressors can be equipped with dryers or water filters to avoid these situations to ensure the quality of the work. Including cleaning and dust removal, home spray paint, tire inflation, etc.