• Acid Factory

    Liquid stirring, pneumatic control, liquid transfer, liquid tank truck discharge

  • Agriculture

    Transport of grain, forklifts for harvesting certain agricultural products, smoking of various agricultural products, tree pruning, spraying (insecticides, pesticides), car maintenance, food industry

  • Aircraft Development

    Wind tunnel, test parts

  • Entertainment


  • Aircraft Manufacturing

    Spray washing machine, mold ejection, driving assembly tools, drilling rig, steam hammer, hoist, combination cutter, reamer, rivet gun, screwdriver, driving clamping device, forging hammer, metal forming press, sandblasting, painting

  • Airport Operation

    Landing gear shock absorbers, Jet engines driving during overhaul, Aircraft maintenance tools, Jet engines starting

  • Asphalt Refining

    Stir and oxidize

  • Stir and oxidize

    Stirring cleaners, changing tires, cleaning engines and cars, cleaning parts with soft abrasive particles, cleaning spark plugs, bumper straightening, tire inflation, grinding valves, driving grease chambers, driving (jacks, hoists, elevators), driving Tread retreaders, spare tools for driving trucks, drives (wrenches, drills, hammers), metal painting, spraying (oil, paint, detergent).

  • Car Manufacturer

    Spray washing machines, drive assembly tools, drive body hoists, pneumatic controls, test tanks and radiators

  • Bakery and Confectionery

    Gas stove, butter spray and other coatings

  • Beverage Factory

    Bottle washing machine, outfitting machine, spraying inside the barrel

  • Bridge-building

    Driven pneumatic tools, stone hammers, drilling rigs, hoists, gouge drills, reamers, rivet guns, wrenches, driven rivet forging furnaces, driven open foundations. Stone holes, sandblasting, painting

  • Cement Prefabricated Factory

    Lifting and loading of wet parts, driving tamping machine, sand screening

  • Cement Manufacturing

    Storage ventilation, mixing of cement slurry, cleaning and sealing of cement bags, mixing of raw materials, dump trucks, cleaning equipment, clinker cooling, burners, conveying cement and coal, filtration of cement slurry, cleaning of cement kilns, loading and unloading of ships and vessels, lifting and lifting devices, Pneumatic control

  • Chemical Factory

    Aeration and agitation, separation tower gas, cleaning equipment, combustion gas, transportation, cryogenic freezing applications, lifting liquids, vacuum or pressure filtration, spraying, driving metering pumps, cleaning pipes by drilling and blowing, pneumatic control, process Gas, transmission liquid

  • Cottonseed Oil Factory

    Cleaning rollers, etc., driving hole presses, zone hoists and elevators

  • Clay and Pottery

    Air-jet cleaning, conveying raw materials, vacuum degassing, driving clay presses, driving hoists and elevators, sandblasting to remove defects on fine products, spraying glazes, transferring liquids

  • Concrete Construction

    Building molding, concrete polishing, transmission cement, concrete spraying

  • Contractor

    Drilling large holes, building bridges, concrete buildings, blasting, excavating foundations, building highways and streets, pipeline construction, steel components and buildings, digging wells

  • Dairy Products

    Dairy Products

  • Blasting

    Driving tools, hoists, paving stone crushers, pneumatic picks, drills

  • Thermal Power Plant

    Blow clean pipes, remove soot, clean boiler and condenser pipes, jet clean, transfer pulverized coal, remove sewage, drive circuit breakers, pneumatic control, repair furnace walls and baffles

  • Enamel Factory

    Sandblasting, spray enamel

  • Excavation of foundation

    Air locks and caissons, blown condensed soil pile molds, drilling large blast holes, driving pneumatic tools, trenchers, hoists, sewage pumps, tamping machines, driving rock drills, drilling large holes, rack rock drills, downhole drills, Hand Drill, Straight Rotary Drill Washer, Paving Stone Crusher, Reinforced Shaft Pile Driver

  • Food Industry

    Stirring liquid, gas (oxygen) for fermentation tank, cleaning equipment with nozzle, cleaning container with nozzle, conveying raw materials, food dehydration, filtration

  • Smoked

    Hoists and elevators, driving robots, pneumatic control, sorting walnut coffee, spraying food, spraying pesticides, spraying systems, test chambers, conveying liquids, vacuum packaging, car packaging, bakery and confectionery, beverage factories , Dairy products, hospitals and laboratories, meat packaging factory

  • Forging Factory

    Oxidation blowing, mold ejection, furnace door air curtain, hoist and elevator, drive bending and straightening machine, drive clutch, brake and clamping device, drive forging hammer, drive fuel burner

  • Foundry

    Fixture for iron car, cleaning equipment, conveying sand, driven core machine, driven pneumatic tools, sand blasting machine, small turbine, hoist and elevator, pneumatic pick, tamping machine, wire brush, sand blasting, sand sieving, mud core

  • Gas Transmission and Distribution

    Air, LPG mixing plant, ground drill, gas engine start, pipeline test, instrument test, pneumatic control

  • Glass Factory

    Blow bottles and glassware, blow lamps and tubes, combustion gases, transfer of raw materials, glass etching, extinction and drilling, conveying glass, driving molds, driving fuel tanks, pneumatic control, vacuum ceiling

  • Government

    Air Force (start jet engine, airport operations), Army (blasting, weapons), municipal agencies (fire truck siren, filter plant), Navy (install torpedoes, start diesel engines, start jet engines, sheet metal processing, weapons)

  • Hat Factory

    Jet cleaning, driving presses, jet fluff

  • Highways and Streets

    Ground drilling, conveying cement, piling, driving rock drill, drilling, rock drill, hand drill, road paving stone crusher, reinforced pipe pile driver, driving pneumatic tools, trencher, ground drill, perforator driver, lifting Hoist, tamping machine

  • Hospitals and Laboratories

    Respiratory equipment, cleaning test tube autoclave, laboratory filtration, driving centrifuge, driving dry cleaning machine, start-up control, spraying medicine, vacuum drainage during surgery

  • Other Factories

    Sprayer grinding, impregnated (electric) coil, jet ventilation, drive baler

  • Hydropower Plant

    Engine braking, ship lock maintenance, navigation siren, drive controller, drive lubrication pump, drive-like brake, drive spill lock, start control, prevention of ice damage to the dam

  • Steel factory

    Stirring solution, deaeration gas, (high, flat, rotary) furnace gas, car positioning, sediment chamber drilling, unloading bag, open furnace flue cleaning, driving clutch and brake, driving loading and conveying device, driving lubrication System, driven pneumatic tools, pneumatic picks, grinders, hoists and elevators, start control, sandblasting, blast furnace out, vacuum degassing

  • Dry cleaning and cement factory

    Fur cleaning, spraying machine cleaning, carpet cleaning, filtering solution, ironing machine driving, spray cleaning anti-moisturizer

  • Timber Processing

    Saw carriage air chuck, bubbler to prevent pool freezing, air jet cleaning, sawdust transfer, hoist and lifter, wood impregnation, drive (trimming machine, shock absorber and sticky machine), starter control

  • Water Work

    Air breakwater, anti-icing bubble machine, diving gas, anti-fog gas, anti-fog siren, marine rescue, starting and maneuvering ships, self-contained underwater vehicle

  • Meat Packing Factory

    Burning gas, clearing meat dish, lard, driving shredder and press, wind motion stunner, sausage filling, test cover

  • Sheet Metal Workshop

    Stirring solution, start-up measurement of parts, transport of chips, jet cleaning, driving of packaging presses, drives (platens, chucks, clutches and positioners), pneumatic tools, finishing hammers, pneumatic picks, drills, grinding machines, cranes and Lifts, combination tools, riveters, screwdrivers, wrenches, pneumatic controls, presses and die exit nozzles, sandblasting (hardening), lubricant spraying, spray repair metal, spray container leak detection

  • Mine

    Ventilation gas, drilling large holes, removing water with gas, filtering fines, driving on-board centering drills, pneumatic hoists and grout filling machines, driving pumps, driving rock drilling rigs, air supply, air drilling, hand tools, reinforced pipe pile drivers , Telescopic rock drill, driving mine roof bolt wrench

  • Monuments and Carved Stones

    Cutting, drilling, sandblasting, smoothing

  • Office building and tourism

    Dust treatment, cleaning equipment with nozzles, driving elevator doors, driving dry cleaning machines, driving garbage ejectors, driving air duct systems, vacuum cleaning

  • Fuel Plant

    Combustion gas, emptying and cleaning of oil circuits, lifting and lifts, drive control systems, catalyst recycling, sandblasting, painting

  • Petroleum Products

    Daily pump oil, drilling, drill, lifting

  • Arms

    Lifting and lifting, cartridge transport equipment, cartridge loading equipment, sheet metal workshop, factory maintenance

  • Ore Processing

    Gas for smelting, stirring solution, conveying raw materials, filtering slurry water, flotation treatment, lifting, compacting equipment

  • Paint Factory

    Smoothing of rubble, listening and closing, lifting and lifting, pigment atomization, transfer of liquids

  • Paper Mill

    Air-jet cleaning equipment, hoisting and elevator, anti-icing of pool, roll feeding, pressing of products, driving clutch, driving paper cutter, paper feed through machine, pneumatic control, head box pressure, head box pressure, head box Demolition, removal of waste paper, vacuum drying, improvement of fourdrinier printing machine

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

    Stirring liquids, antibiotic fermentation gas (oxygen), transferring raw materials, mixing and stirring raw materials, driving centrifuges, pneumatic control, air jet pulverization, spray drying, transferring liquids, vacuum drying and vaporization

  • Factory Maintenance

    Air jet cleaning, driving tools (steam hammer, concrete vibrator, drill, grinder, crane, paving stone crusher, riveter, descaling, pipe coiler, wrench), sand blasting, metal spraying, painting, water spray

  • Pipeline Construction

    Drives pneumatic tools, seal hammers, excavators, earth drills, mud-lifting and shovel diggers, moving machines

  • Plastic Manufacturing

    Jet-type equipment cleaning, casting casting, inflation of plastic air objects, inflation into a tube shape during extrusion, vacuum or pressure molding, cylinder action

  • Printing Factory

    Stirring solution, paper packing, lifting

  • Quarry

    Lifting (material handling), operation of rock drilling rig, gas supply, drill blasting machine, rock drill, hand drill, water pump

  • Railway

    Railway line packing, sand transport, general application, sand blasting, spray painting, infusion, operation airlock, operation mine car reducer, operation switch and signal system, stone hammer, drilling rig, grinder, air crane, saw, nail hammer , Pillow tamper, wrench, reamer, riveting machine, pipe cleaner

  • Rubber Factory

    Cleaning molds and mechanical devices, air lifting, demoulding, mold opening, pneumatic control, spray coating, testing of molded products

  • Salt Mine

    Air transport seawater

  • Air transport seawater

    Sludge decomposition, sewage spray, underwater oxidation

  • Steel Processing and Installation

    Air tools, stone hammers, sewage pumps, drilling rigs, grinders, air hoists, dies, reamers, nail hammers, wrenches, paint

  • Tannery

    Stirring liquid, air crane, pneumatic control, infusion

  • Textile Mill

    Stirring liquids, gas hoists, humidification, operating pressure accumulators, liquid spraying, spraying systems, infusions

  • Tobacco Industry

    Tobacco dressing, machine cleaning, pneumatic control

  • Water Treatment

    Water Treatment

  • Drilling

    Air drill

  • Wood Processing Factory

    Spray cleaning, air lifting, dipping wood, bending, straightening, clamping, clamping, pneumatic tools, carving tools, drilling rigs, screwdrivers, polishing machines, sanders, screwdrivers, sandblasting, painting, water spray settings